acatalepsy n. -

♀ silvestris incomprehensible


 andy goldsworthy
"Sin duda soy yo un bosque y una noche de árboles oscuros: sin embargo, quien no tenga miedo de mi oscuridad encontrará también taludes de rosas debajo de mis cipreses."

Friedrich Nietzsche.  (via amordecolor)

(Fuente: hiperboreo, vía pupa-antiqua)


More momento mori. This trend hit it’s peak during the Victorian age, especially when so many died from illness, hunger, childbirth… any number of reasons. In many ways, it’s making a comeback, with mothers especially, taking pictures of stillborn infants. The same was true for my own great grandmother in the 50’s, who had a professionally done photo of her stillborn daughter to remember her by. 
Gaultier Made Fashion A Religious Experience in His S/S 2007 Haute Couture Collection.